Harness The Power of Television – Your Own TV Store (selling TVs just got easier…)

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TV Celebrity Shares $100K Marketing Secrets + $5,000 Bonus

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TV Celebrity Shares $100K Marketing Secrets + $5,000 Bonus

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This “Fun” PPV Method Makes $2500+ Profit Per Month

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Who knew that my love of watching TV would pay off?

Well, it has, and it’s now banking me an easy $70 to $90 per day in pure profit on PPV.

This method straight up works for promoting CPA email submit offers. If you’re looking to spend a small amount (like less than $50) and rake in anywhere between 100% and 1000% ROI’s, then this is for you.

– Are you sick of losing money with paid advertising?
– Want to get into CPA marketing but don’t know how?
– Are you trying to find lots of cheap traffic that converts?
– Are you having trouble deciding what offers to promote?
– Do you just want to make money fast in 2012?

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$100/day with my idiot-proof LAZY method. I watch TV while doing this!

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So, what is it? Well, one thing I’ve learned about making money online is the power of LEVERAGE.

To be successful in this game, you need to use the minimum time to make the maximum profits!

(And since this is all FREE traffic, so I’m using the minimum money too)

Why waste time doing things the hard way?!

Look, I’m not going to fight it anymore. I will admit…

I waaay prefer watching TV to doing laborious marketing tasks.

I sit at my laptop with Entourage playing in the background, no joke. Fair enough, I put it on pause for
a few minutes while I’m doing the last part of this method, but my point is that this system is braindead SIMPLE.

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[MASSIVE VIDEO PROOF!] Get MORE exposure (in 48 Hrs) than ALL methods from all WSOs – put together!

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Fellow Warriors,

Mark Here. I’m back, and with my newest, coolest-ever WSO! If you’ve been struggling to find a way to get huge exposure of your product or website, (I’m talking major exposure, that can get your stuff on TV and seen by millions) …then this will be the most exciting thread you will ever read.

Here’s why.

During one of our late night “just goofing around” telephone chit-chat sessions, my friend David–founder & CEO of what may now be the world’s largest news distribution network–let the cat out of the bag.

You see, that evening we both had our guards down a little more than usual. It started when I told David about my upcoming patent. Then he told me about his upcoming patent, for identity theft protection. (which btw is going to turn the credit fraud industry upside down!) But what he told me next, rocked my world.

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Product: CPA Blaster 2.08
Website: http://cpa-blaster.com/

Price: $27/mo

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What is CPA-Blaster?CPA Blaster is the ultimate CPA Software. It is designed by CPA Marketers for CPA Marketers.

If you are a rookie just starting CPA or you are Guru ready to bring his earnings to the next level this software is designed for you!

Over the past year we implemented over 70 updates, and NOW, we can say that the software is 100% perfect. We listen to all our customers and added tons of powerful features, so everyone can benefit from them.

CPA Blaster can turn you into a CPA master…

While we were testing the software we’ve got some insane responses from our testing group. Mircea, Darky and Bogdan made between 30$-50$ each day and Alex blown our minds up with his over 200$/day. All earnings were made just by using CPA Blaster!

OK, Let’s Make A Recap Of All Features Available In CPA Blaster

YouTube Uploader/Re-Uploader – Uploads videos, and if they are removed, theu are auto-uploaded with a different title/description
Video Spinner – You can use a single video file to upload as many times as you want
Video statistics- Video statistics (total views,total videos, total accounts etc..) are available. Powerful sorting options are also available in the YouTube module
Video List/Unlist – We have some strategies that involve List/Unlist. This will boost you up in the search
Video Manager – Track your video’s position (based on a search term), views and details
Multiple YouTbe accounts – Supports an unlimited number of YouTube accounts
Autosave system – You won’t lose anything, never!
Watermark System – Add an image watermark to all your videos
Personal Google API – You can use your own Google API KeySearch/Post TV Series – Searches for any tv serie you can think of and posts them on your blog
Complex Blog Post – A blog post created with CPA Blaster consists of: TV serie image, description, title and video embed codeMultiple Video Sources – CPA Blaster gives you Megavideo, Videoweed and Novamov links
TV Serie Manager – A complex dashboard will announce you when new episodes appear for all your tracked TV Series.
Training Videos – Currently you can watch 2 30 minutes training videos that explain everything you need to know
Custom Widgets – You will also get a custom widget pack that is fully tested and increases your CPA conversion
Secret Strategies – We will share with you secret strategies on how to reach top positions and how to create your videos
Auto-updating system – You will also have your latest version of CPA Blaster, because it auto-updates.+ more


Price: $27

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One in eight people in America will be cutting their cable cord in favor of internet based television in 2011. You can reach this ever growing market with our innovative Web TV software.

The software features full episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, full length movies, videos, and even streaming radio.

The “Apps” section brings the best content the web has to offer: Direct video streams of news and sports from Justin.TV; Millions of Video Clips from YouTube, original programming from Revision3, and much more.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting World Wide Web TV Unleashed today:
* Thousands Of Free Web Television Stations! – You get the best online television stations at your desposal, 24 hours a day!

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