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Dear Friend,

Like many people, maybe even yourself, I joined the “Twitter Bandwagon” a few months ago after hearing all the buzz about it. I went ahead and made a simple profile and occasionally would make a post about what I was up to during the day.

I looked up a few of my friends who were also on Twitter and followed them. Every once in a while, I’d check to see who was following me and manually “follow them back”.

After a couple months I had just a few “tweets” posted, and just over 100 followers on my profile. Basically, I was just using it to keep tabs on a few people and bounce jokes back and forth with a couple of friends.

I didn’t really see any marketing potential in Twitter at all.

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WP Tweet Bomb 1.6 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Introducing WP Tweet Bomb.

To setup automated, self-converting blogs with oodles of traffic you need FOUR things…

Unique, niche specific content. Lots of it.
Powerful organic tweeting to auto-promote every post the second it’s made.
Hassle free ways to generate revenue from your visitors.
It’s got to be fully automated.

What is WPTB doing for me?

Done-For-You Ads from Adsense, Commission Junction, Amazon & ClickBank means you don’t waste time finding searching for offers. (Plus you actually get more commissions because the ads are automatically relevant to the content)
Wildly “Set & Forget” your content, tweets & ads meaning you don’t squander your day baby sitting blogs.
Daily Email Reports show you at-a-glance what’s happened so you can do more enjoyable stuff. (If you value your time at only $7/hour, with 10 blogs these reports will save you $5,110 every year! … and I’m positive you value your time more than that.)
Content “De-Duper” produces unique content that’s visually no different than the original (and Google has lapped it up for the last 11 months)
Proxy Rotator ensures your blogs & IP addresses stay private (you can also rotate IPs locally if your server has more than 1)
Your Niche Keywords can (and should) be used to laser target your niche. Simply copy+paste your list – or use the built-in keyword research tool for ideas.
Powerful “Auto Indexer” tracks which posts are NOT indexed in Google & fires extra, targeted tweets to give Google a helping hand (even with posts made before you installed WPTB!)
Rich Images & Video automatically to give some visual spice to your posts (readers & Google love this)
Full Text RSS Feeds are used to give you more content than the competitors (WPTB’s content extraction engine is actually able to dynamically extract the content from any website)
11 Unique Content Sources gives you the power to create a truly unique, valuable blog. EzineArticles, Yahoo Answers, Google News, Digg are just a few of these. (You can of course use custom RSS feeds as well)
Unlimited Twitter Accounts means you not only spread your tweeting footprint but also build dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Twitter profiles in their own right.
Auto Follow & Unfollow abilities are configurable so you remain organic whilst building your followers
Integrates With Other AutoBlog Plugins when you check the “Tweet all posts to blog” option. This is so powerful – it’s scary.
Scoop Up Twitter Traffic as a direct result of the automated tweeting. This is great because it’s near instant – when you tweet – you get the traffic.
Very Useful links are auto-generated by WPTB. This means all Twitter clicks are tracked giving you get sexy charts and actionable numbers.
Floods Of Google Visitors will arrive at your blog looking for what you’re offering (a simple 2 week test bagged me 22,756 visitors completely hands-off! To pay for this traffic I’d have paid AdWords upwards of $10,453.20)
Relevant Affiliate Ads are shown on all your posts (even the old ones). The premade templates are great to going fast – and you can customize them if needed.
Impression & Click Tracking on all affiliate ads shows you what affiliate networks and ad styles work best with your niche. This means you create more commissions – quicker.
Critical Ad Placement options (In the sidebar, above post, below post, in post and an attention grabbing popup box) hand over full control to you.
Impressive “Ad Rules” System lets you define what type of ad gets shown when and where (very powerful when you mix affiliate ads with other sources…)
5 Leading Ad Sources means you get not only the choice – but all th tiresome ad searching done for you. Get Commission Junction Amazon, Adsense, ClickBank & any of your existing banners or links.

Product: WP Tweet Bomb

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Who Else Wants 22,756 Visitors In 2 Weeks?
From A Brand New Blog…
All On Autopilot, 100% Guaranteed!

wanted a full solution. I needed…

A way of getting unlimited, unique content posted to the blog, complete with images, video etc. It HAD to look professional (not like the crap on other autoblogs).
Built in promotion to get links. I wanted these things to promote themselves.
Oodles of traffic. I wanted server crushing, scary numbers showing in my analytics panel.
A quick, easy way of then turning my traffic into cash.
…and it all had to be automated.

Is it so much to ask? Apparently, yes, it was.
I checked out all the current software but none of it came close to what I desperately needed for this plan to work.

I literally locked myself in my flat for 6 months. I got food delivered and soon forgot what daytime was (I went nocturnal for a while – don’t think I’ve fully recovered!). From SEO, to affiliate marketing, to PHP, I researched and applied until I came up with my battle plan.

I coded one piece of software from scratch. Then another, and another. I was on a roll, and the software was getting better and better. I quickly realised I was onto something big when I saw the results of a 2 week test I ran…

…a brand new blog & the software & NO other promotion took me me…

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Facebook Viral Script – The Easy To Use 3 Step Viral Script For Facebook Pages That Is iframe Ready.

Step 1 – Get Them To Like You
Step 2 – Get Them To Comment Or Tweet
Step 3 – Give Them A Reward For Liking You

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Includes all 10 Scripts and Twitter Backgrounds Pack

The Twitter Scripts Bundle Pack includes the following:
1. Twitter Background Generator Script (retail: $60)
2. Twitter Background Packs ( 200+ Backgrounds) (retail: $35)
3. Mass Follow / Unfollow Script (retail: $25)
4. Vacation Tweets Script (retail: $25)
5. Update Box Widget site Script (retail: $25)
6. Tweet Reminders Script (retail: $20)
7. Auto Tweets Script (retail: $15)
8. Twitter Match Script (retail: $25)
9. Threaded Convo Script
10. Twitter Buttons Script (retail: $15)
11. Twitter Signature Generator Script (retail: $20)
12. Twitter Anniversary Script (retail: $15)
13. Twitter Score Script (retail: $25)
14. Twitter Leet Tweet Script (retail: $10)

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All the buzz about Twitter as a new form of free traffic should have hit home to you by now, but just in case it hasn’t… There are over 190 MILLION Twitter users – WAITING to fill out your CPA offers, WAITING to OPTIN to your mailing list.. WAITING to buy your affiliate product.. If that’s not enough to get you excited about Twitter, I don’t know what is.

With my system, I wanted to be able to turn ANY Twitter user into a possible sale. So what I’m saying is, with the “nuts and bolts” of the system, you can use CPA and you can build a targeted following to sell to a specific niche, but if you follow my instructions and marketing method to an absolute “T”, you won’t have to. There’s WAY TOO MUCH time and thought involved taking the usual route..

Most Twitter systems will make you:
* Pick a niche, Research the niche
* Spend countless hours getting targeted followers in your niche
* Start conversations with them about your niche
* THEN try to sell them an affiliate product?

Sounds like a pain, because it is. I Proudly Introduce. . .

Price: $19.97

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Earn Easy Money & Drive Traffic To Your Website(s) With Your Own Twitter Live Streams Website… You Can Have This Brand New Turnkey Website Up & Running In 15 Minutes!

* Offer 3(!) live Twitter streams on one page
You can set 3 different search keywords which will each show a Twitter live stream when clicked. This allows you to specify/extend your site niche and attract more visitors.

* Easy-to-edit.
You can completely personalize the sidebar through 1 single configuration file.

* Integrated ‘Follow Me On Twitter’ link and ‘Tweet Now’ button.
These built-in links allow you to build your list of followers and keep the buzz about your site going on Twitter. You can use your own images by simply uploading them to the images-folder.

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