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Colleen….Google has GONE ROGUE….I repeat has GONE ROGUE. It has infiltrated enemy lines with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Your Mission is to assume a NEW identity (ENCLOSED)…Capture Google & DO ALL THINGS NECESSARY To Subdue Google Into SUBMISSION!
Once You Have Cracked Its Top Secret Codes Report Back To Me ASAP!”

I Was Exhausted From My Last Mission, Hadn’t Slept A Wink In 72 Hours But…Duty Calls…I Had Suspected Google Was On The Verge Of Going Rogue….*SIGH*….It’s A Slippery Little Sucker (I Think I’ve Got My Work Cut Out For Me!”

Now Colleen It’s Time To Go Shopping For Your New Alias (This One Is Going To Be Fun!)….

“Quinn, It’s Colleen. I’ve Assumed My Identity. My Contacts Tell Me That Google Is In The United States Under Heavy Disguise….I’m Taking The Red Eye & Will Be There At 0300 Hours…!”

(Colleen, Bleary Eyed, Whistles For A Cab)

“Take Me To The Round Up Saloon, 3553 Mount Diablo Boulevard!”

(Figures I’d Find Google at a place where pool cues are replaced weekly).

33 Minutes Later….

(This has got to be the WORST jukebox on the planet).

It’s just like said….

“Sleazy, smoke-filled, mullet-infested den of white trash metalheads”

(I’m used to men staring but THIS is ridiculous).

My eyes start to hurt from the smoke. I could sexily saunter around the bar BUT I know what Google likes and I’m confident he’ll find me pretty quickly when he sees what I’m wearing :O)

“A Sierra Nevada, thanks!”

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Don’t Risk Forex “Burn Out” Before You Discover How Quickly This New Technology Can Change Your Life!

THOSE OLD DINOSAUR “FOREX ROBOTS” ARE DEAD… AND “A.I.” IS ON THE VERGE OF EXTINCTION… Now Get Ready For Windfall Profits Of 645 Pips… Shocking 1442% Gains And $6450 Days With All-NEW…

Genetic Algorithm Technology… … That Literally Evolves To Become Better, Faster And More Profitable WITH EVERY TRADE IT MAKES!

Press PLAY Below For Live Video Proof!

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There Is One Essential That Every Internet Marketer On Planet Earth Needs. It Is Called…

The Q Factor. Did you ever think that it is impossible to earn a million dollars within 24 hours? If those were your thoughts… I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms that you were wrong!

Would $1 million make a difference to you and your loved ones or even to a good cause that you support? Have you ever imagined leaving the dream… not Bill Gate’s dream… not Oprah’s dream… BUT YOUR DREAM

Did you ever think that your dream has passed you by? I hope not… because you would have been wrong… yet again. Your dream is well and truly alive. It doesn’t matter what your dream is. What matters is that in a less than an hour you can begin the journey (hopefully a short one) to achieving your dream. You are on the verge of knowing what it takes to earn a million dollars in one day.

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