[REVIEWERS WANTED] Tube Bandit “How to create Youtube cash streams!-Need 3 more Video Reviews

OTO, http://nilesmarketing.net/tubebanditoto/

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Price: $17

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Let me show you something:

“BUY THE SIMS 3? is a keyword you type in when you want to do what?

Buy the sims 3.

This was the first time I discovered this method. I saw that the sims 3 was coming out so I quickly designed a site for it. It took about an hour in total. After doing a bit of SEO and link building I was number 1 for this term. ‘Buy The Sims 3?… and I still am.

I’m also number 1 for ‘buy sims 3? and lots of other terms, which resulted in traffic like this:

150-180 a day?????????? this doesn’t seem very much though does it, but considering it is a small niche site, that’s a bit better, but…..


imagine everyday, 150 people landing on your website after searching to BUY the product you’re selling.

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Price: $67

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Dear Internet Marketer…

The age-old problem of getting new clients is a big one. Your marketing should never stop and it should never stop looking at new ways to attract new clients. Local businesses need your help, but trying to market to them can be difficult – especially in the beginning.

Nobody likes cold calling, and sending out hundreds of direct mail pieces is time consuming with very little targeting going on. Start picking your customers and targeting them! Not every customer is a good customer and with video reviews, it is all about quality – not quantity.

The biggest marketing problem today is that old methods of targeting and acquiring new clients have been beaten to death. Something fresh is required. So what is a new, fresh, welcomed way to market to your prospects?

Businesses are bombarded with cold calls and direct mail, people always trying to “sell” them their services, and nobody likes to be sold. Videos are an unobtrustive way to enlighten your prospect on their online marketing and their online market and get them thinking! Get them thinking about what YOU could do for their business.


Price: $17

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Why Real Products, Why Not Clickbank or CPA?

There’s a million ways to make money online. This is a bit of a problem. Which method to choose? And if you do choose a method are you missing out on another???

I’ve tried them all. PPC, ebooks, CPA, clickbank, etc. Personally I’m not into CPA, or fake little blogs about weight loss, or ebooks about how to get your ex back.

I like promoting real products, it’s a nice business. It’s REAL. Nothing dirty about it. No reviews needed. No pre selling needed. NO fake reviews or anything like that going on. One you can definately tell your mother about and she’d understand. No more questions like: “what’s an ebook?”

I struck gold with a little method I like to call: Product Site SEO or Amazon SEO. … as it was Amazon I first used this method with.

I simply build websites about Amazon products or any real product, and get them to rank in Google. This strategy alone is making me thousands of dollars every month, and it’s rapidly rising. It’s simply a case of how many sites can you make, and at the moment I can’t build them fast enough.

Think about it. Someone wants a certain type of product. They type the product in Google with their credit card in hand. You site is number 1. They click your site and buy through Amazon or another store…

And this happens all day long!

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