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Real Testimonials From Real Members

I’ve been making money online for over 5 years and I’ve yet to see a free forum that was of much value at all. The problem with free forums is that you have to be able to cut through the junk to find the real value. Unfortunately, I’ve found the same to be true of many paid forums. Well… I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found a paid forum that lives up to its promise and delivers more value for the price than any I’ve ever seen. WPBlackhat is the forum I’m talking about.

As a “Reformed White-Hatter”, I’ve found the Black Hat tools and knowledge to help me create WordPress blogs that automatically add unique content, and funnel high-quality, targeted traffic right to my money sites. On my very first attempt to use the tools on WPBlackhat, I was able to get 54 sites up and running. These aren’t junk sites that will soon disappear either like those created by the other CMS tools I’ve tried. These are tried and true WP blogs that will still be here tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And they’ll be generating a fire hose of laser target traffic for me to do with as I please.

I did this with just 2 of the tools found in WPBlackhat. I’ve only scratched the surface of what this site has too offer and I’m hooked!

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How To Transfer A WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

Hi Warriors

Working with WordPress is something I have done for several years now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no guru when it comes to the technical side of things but can create and modify themes pretty well and very comfortable with plugins and widgets etc. I have built dozens (even more for clients) of blogs of my own in many niches.

Well it was only recently I started selling some of them off that I had a major problem:

How do you transfer one to another host?

So I started looking through the results on Google and each one is different from the other. Turns out there are apparently many ways to do it but not all of them will work and be reliable.

I also got some quotes for people to do it for me and quite frankly, they were ridiculous.

So then I decided to see how much someone would charge to create a guide for me. Someone with a lot of experience that could detail every single step in an easy to follow manner that anyone could follow.

Luckily enough I found a great guy from Canada who did just that.

It worked first time and since then I have moved well into double figures without an issue with any of them.

Then I realised that there must be other people who have had this issue or are currently having the problem.

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PHP MyVideoBlog is a plugin for WordPress, a famous blog software. With this plugin is easy to create automated niche videoblogs. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!!

It’s perfect to create niche videoblogs. MMA, Iphone, Fashion, Sports, Comedy, Celebrities, Porn, and much more! Use your imagination!

The plugin grabs the embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don’t need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from the provider!

You choose the feed source, the category, the keywords, the days of the week that you want to grab videos from this source… and the plugin makes the rest of the work!

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WordPress WriteAgain! is a plugin for WordPress that rewrites your duplicate contents, thereby converting them to original without changing the original meaning of the article.

Nowadays, there are many article rewriters available on net which simply rewrite the content using synonymous without keeping the original meaning and the grammar of the sentence/article intact. This makes the output article totally unreadable to the visitor.

To counter this problem, I have made a WordPress plugin –WriteAgain!, which rewrites the article keeping the original meaning and grammar of the article intact. I have tried my best to make the rewritten content as readable as possible without loosing its meaning. WordPress WriteAgain! v1.0 is the most advanced rewriter made till date.

Q) What is the use of this plugin?

Basically this plugin is made for people already having blogs filled with copied or scraped content and with blogs using Auto content generators so as to make all the copied contents unique and GENERATE TONS OF UNIQUE CONTENT = MORE TRAFFIC = MORE INCOME!!

Q) Will the rewriter rewrite the content keeping the grammar in mind?? Will the rewritten content be readable to the visitors and will it make sense??

The rewritten content will make sense but not as much as it would have if the content was written by a human. Therefore the rewritten content would be atleast 60-70% understandable. I can guarantee that there is no other rewriter available which can beat WriteAgain!

Q) How do I install it?

To install it follow these steps:

1. Upload the “WriteAgain!” folder to the plugins directory.
2. Activate the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard.
3. That’s it!! All your contents are now rewritten and unique!

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A WordPress newsletter plugin which will, without a doubt, blow your mind away with its feature set and additionally works great with the new WordPress 2.7 interface!

With a vast range of powerful, usable, reliable and unique features, the WordPress mailing list plugin is an incomparable power tool available for you to exploit and use to its fullest potential in order to increase your market value today.

This newsletter plugin has been well integrated into the WordPress platform itself and uses the flexibility, power and simplicity of WordPress to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience as you create your templates, manage subscribers and send out newsletters to a large amount of users.
How does the procedure work?

First, and most importantly, upload the plugin to your WordPress installation and activate it so that it is ready for use.

Once your plugin has been installed, simply put an opt-in form on your WordPress website (either by dragging a widget to your sidebar, hardcoding a subscription form in your theme or embedding a form in a post/page) and wait for users to subscribe to your mailing list(s).

With users interested in receiving updates from your website via email, you can start sending out newsletters to these users in either text or HTML format on a regular basis. By sending out newsletters, you will help keep your website alive by making users aware of latest happenings and by driving direct traffic to your site itself.

newsletter, email, mailing list, wordpress, plugin, wordpress newsletter plugin, wp newsletter plugin, wordpress newsletter, wordpress subscribers, wp emails

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The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online shop with a fully functional shopping cart interface into any WordPress website.

With the easy to use interface, you can set up your multiple products and categorize/organize them into multiple product categories. Add additional images to showcase your products so that users know what they are buying and add digital downloads to products if needed so that users can securely download paid files from your website.

Multiple payment methods, including PayPal, 2CheckOut and MoneyBookers give your users the ability to choose how they would like to pay and process their payments without any fuss at all. In just a few minutes with a few clicks, your users will be back at your site with a completed order.

Take your WordPress e-Commerce to the new level the easy way!

wordpress shopping cart plugin, wp shopping cart, wp shopping cart plugin, wp e-commerce, wordpress e-commerce, shopping, cart, ecommerce, shop, wordpress, plugin, 2checkout, paypal, moneybookers, payments

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Welcome to

Start Your 100% Automated Movie Blog

What is Movie Automator and how is it going to help you?

Movie Automator is a web based software designed for the WordPress platform which 100% automates a movie blog. If you even wanted a movie blog, this is your chance to have it.

MovieAutomator is, as the title say, an automator for your own movie blog. What this means? It means you won’t have to write by your own a single line of text. You will only have to specify the movies you want and the MovieAutomator will create in seconds your blog posts.

You can import as many movies you want . How many? Well, there are more than a million movies available into , you can import them all if you want to.

You will only have to specify the movies you want and the blog posting schedule. You can have them all posted on your blog at once, or you can schedule them to appear on your blog one per minute, every 5 or 10 minutes or more. It’s all up to you.

Here’s a sample blog post the Movie Automator creates:


-Import more than 1 million movies from imdb

-Blog Posting Schedule

-Import Movie Poster

-Import Movie Plot

-Import Director Name

-Import Release Data

-Import Run Time

-Import Country

-Import Genre

-Import Tagline

-Import Trivia

-Import Goofs

Easy to use , fully automated

Upload and Run . Import hundreds of movies in seconds to your blog.

Here’s a quick how to do it:

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