[EXCLUSIVE] Fiverr ATM : Make at Least $650 with this Method! Proof Inside!

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Nicolas Simpson said:
“Sounds Good, Alessandro Zamboni always delivers. over the past few months my fiverr gigs sales have dried up some what. Now with this offer, i think i will be taking another crack at fiverr, at least with that price i can only be in a win win situation.”

Agung Prabowo said:
Just grab my copies! Excellent deal at this price!

AngelWings1959 said:
One of the things I appreciated about Fiverr ATM was Alessandro’s willingness to diclose the software used and the links provided for the said product. Both of Alessandro’s gigs are worth the price of admission. At least to me they were. I thought the second one was unique and definitely inspired ideas for other products that one could add, if you think outside the box or you are creative in nature. Either way, Alessandro has you covered with two gigs that I feel can definitely get you some sales.

ATTENTION: This Can Suck In Leads & Customers Like CRAZY!

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Hi Calvin and Patricia, your latest idea rocks!

I’ve found so many things to work out, that I think I will be occupied for the next 30 years, ahah.

Great job as usual, but this is a gem.

I strongly advice anyone involved in niche marketing to grab this product without thinking, it’s too useful and well packaged around key niches.

Thanks again, and see you soon!

Your “old time customer” Alessandro Zamboni

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After our success, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, Alessandro Zamboni and John Yeo are back! This time we want to talk you about a new and never seen tactic to cash in with offline marketing, and precisely with shops of your area and then with others.

This idea is born two months ago. I moved from a big italian city like Milan to a little one called Somma Lombardo. In Somma Lombardo the economic recession was up to the top, and in a few months I saw how many shops were closing all around.
What can I do on my own ?

So I called John Yeo, my dear friend in Singapore, and I asked him what can change the bad future of this shops. We talk also about the newest offline marketing. We discussed as usual about blogs, our main and favorite topic. And so the idea started to take a form in our minds…

But this is not the usual type of Offline Marketing, it’s an evolved form that we decided to call Offline Vortex !
Why? Because when you work for a shop, the others cannot stay to see what’s happening. They need to act, even more faster than their competitor !

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