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I Have been away for few days but now i m back with one of the Dirtiest CPA Method ever.This Method is Purely Black Hat and involves 0.01 % of Risk. I was personally testing it From past few days and trust me it works like Hell. I made Roughly Around $600 in past 5 Days.

What it Requires –

Domain name and roughly around 1 Hour for set up and Rest is auto pilot. You will just login to check your earnings and nothing more than that.

I would be giving Out 12 Copies out of which 2 copies are for reviews. So, 10 copies for sales this is because it will saturate the method. lesser the people know about it more Profitable it is for you.

The only reason you would stop using this method would be purely because of your consines and thats the reason why i have stopped using it since today and hence sharing the method with you.

It might happen that Some of the Internet marketing veterans would be using it but i m sure that 90% of the people would never have used this.