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A Jobless Dad With No Money
Starts An Offline Business
In Mid-August And Goes On To Pocket

All By The End Of December!


Spangler Clients

What if you had the secret formula to making money where you never had to “go to work” again!!!

I was very much like you where I checked out just about every online & offline business opportunity that existed.

I tried survey’s, adwords, adsense, ebay and different how to ebooks as well as the forex market all looking for a legitimate way to make decent money online.

You’ve worked them, did eveything they told you to do only to find yourself further in debt and worse, having nothing to show for your hard work but a big goose egg!!!

5 minutes on the computer turns into several hours but absolutely nothing has been produced, to show for your time online.

Believe me I have been there and done that such as lose over $1,200 on a single adwords campaign in 1 DAY by not realizing this one mistake-which I’ll share with you!!!

You were drawn to this page for a reason, you have nothing to lose except the opportunity to generate a real buiness that will allow you to work for yourself anywhere in world..

I have generated consistent profits from my offline business that I developed to the point where I no longer work for “the man”.

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People are actually paying $35,000 for


franchises that use the business

model I will show you in this report!


That’s the truth! Not only do they pay $35,000 to buy a franchise, but the total investment can be as much as $100,000! Then, they will have to go find their first customer and pay royalty fees for as long as the business keeps going.

However, you and I won’t have to pay that much money or pay royalty fees. This business model is fairly simple and there is a way to get started, get your first customer with no money out of your pocket. No need to spend tens of thousands before even getting started. However, you could make tens of thousands because this business model is real.

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How To Transfer A WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

Hi Warriors

Working with WordPress is something I have done for several years now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no guru when it comes to the technical side of things but can create and modify themes pretty well and very comfortable with plugins and widgets etc. I have built dozens (even more for clients) of blogs of my own in many niches.

Well it was only recently I started selling some of them off that I had a major problem:

How do you transfer one to another host?

So I started looking through the results on Google and each one is different from the other. Turns out there are apparently many ways to do it but not all of them will work and be reliable.

I also got some quotes for people to do it for me and quite frankly, they were ridiculous.

So then I decided to see how much someone would charge to create a guide for me. Someone with a lot of experience that could detail every single step in an easy to follow manner that anyone could follow.

Luckily enough I found a great guy from Canada who did just that.

It worked first time and since then I have moved well into double figures without an issue with any of them.

Then I realised that there must be other people who have had this issue or are currently having the problem.

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Get ready to SKYROCKET your conversion rates by 200%…450%…1000% and more with the ALL-NEW, Wickedly Amazing…

Stealth Research Segmentation

Invisible, untraceable market research secret gives you access to Laser Targeted Segmentation…Watch the hidden buying triggers of your future customers…in Real Time!

I’d like to reveal to you a brilliant little trick that will explode your Internet Marketing profits…and make entering ANY market a win-win situation!

Do you think it is impossible to consistently convert at 3%, 5%, or even 10% for ANY new market you start to explore?

Sound far fetched?

Why do some Internet Marketers hit a home run every time…while the rest of the crowd struggles to get on first base?

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You Are About To

Discover A Simple Brand New Method That Can Make Up $50-$100+ A Day


Hi Warriors.

It has been a while since I launched a new report on blackhat techniques but I have been busy with other things but I had an eye on this method which can easily make you $50-$100+ a day. This method is completely new and I call it the Blackhat “Matrix” method.

This method is pretty cool because in this method I have included the actual template I use and I reveal how I direct traffic for this method to work.

This method can be used either with CPA or with any other Affiliates.

The only investment you need to make with this method is a domain name and you can set this up in just a day.

I want to keep this sales page nice, short and sweet.

The report is 23 pages long and with this report I include a FREE report on how to get accepted to any CPA NETWORK and a FREE template that I use for this method.

I am giving a discount to all warriors who can grab this for just $9.97, as opposed to my original price which was higher…

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248,877 visitors from just 12 Articles

(Yes, that’s actual visitors…not views!)

*The traffic to this site is clicks from just 12 spun articles I wrote and submitted to the proper article sitesand the SEO benefits of proper article resource links.

You’ve been lied to.

I’m really sorry.

In fact, if you ever given up on article marketing, or are just plain fed up with the lack of results you’ve gotten from your article submissions, it likely has absolutely nothing to do with you.

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Finally the secrets of the top sellers revealed. Did u ever imagined to create around 500$ worth of advertising credits for just 20$. Sounds yummy right. Yeah it was true 500$ worth of adwords, facebook, yahoo and adcenter credits. Not only just credits, you will have activated accounts, you can use them to make your ads go live instant.

This book reveals the blueprint of the magic cycle followed by many of the top sellers to generate free credits involving less work and investment.

Just multipy your investment 25x times. Just a simple cycle starting with creating an email address and ending with 500$ worth of advertising credits for the least investment cost.

Why buy advertising credits for hight costs when you can generate the same on your own. Just buy the guide once and save 100’s of $ on the advertising credits you buy.

Some of you might claim, there are many known methods for creating free credits, then why this book. For all of those, I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied that the guide is worth higher than the cost that you bought it for. The book contains a foolproof method to utilising the resources to its maximum extent and earn maximum out of the money we spend.

Higlights of the book

*500$ worth of Advertising credits.

*Credits in Adwords,Facebook,Adcenter,Yahoo 

*Very low cost of investment per cycle.

*Make Adwords,Facebook and Yahoo Activated accounts and make ur ads go live instant…

*Bonus information to make another 300$ of credits in extra.

*Everything explained with screenshots

*25x times profit defined cycle.

*You never need to buy vouchers again. Now you can start selling them.

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