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Here Are 124 Million Reasons to Include YouTube In Your Online Marketing CampaignTHAT’S 124 MILLION REASONS YOU SHOULD BE MARKETING TO YOUTUBE!

Wait! You may have heard from online marketing experts and gurus that you should be uploading videos to YouTube to generate traffic to your website.

They’re right about that… But they’re not telling you the most important piece of the YouTube/video marketing puzzle! (This secret makes it near impossible for the normal marketer to succeed).

If you’ve tried marketing on YouTube, chances are you’ve created and uploaded a video and waited for the flood of traffic to come in.

And chances are, your stats looked more like this:

Because the biggest piece of the puzzle they’re not telling you is that you have to tell people about your video. No matter how great it is, if people don’t know about the amazing work you’re uploading, they can’t tell their friends and it will never go viral.

If you’ve got no subscriber list or don’t have a blog with thousands of daily pageviews, it’s been near impossible to generate hundreds of thousands of video views.

It’s a situation where it’s really easy for those who are already popular to get even more popular. But the rest of us are left in the dust.